DTE Energy Efficiency Incentives

DTE Energy is offering cash rebates for commercial and industrial contractors and customers* who complete a qualifying project involving a capital investment.

Common Energy-Saving Improvements

Kaeser ASD CompressorsCompressed air users can lower their utility costs by implementing energy efficiency measures that go straight to their bottom lines. For many facilities, replacing old equipment and fixing leaks will offer an increase in energy-savings. Another energy-saving opportunity to consider is heat recovery. Heat recovery takes normally wasted heat generated by air compressors and uses it to heat facilities, offering a decrease in heating cost.

To receive incentives:

Air Center is your DTE Energy Designated Trade Ally

In addition to selling award winning, energy efficient compressors from Kaeser, Air Center is a DTE Energy Designated Trade Ally. Not only will we design an incredibly efficient system for your business, we’ll take care of the application process and ensure you receive maximum incentives for the project. We’ve even partnered with non-compressor businesses to help our customers earn multi-line energy incentives – a 20% bonus on top of other incentives!


*Residential and Multi-Family customers do not qualify for this Program

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