What Do Those Air Leaks Cost?

To give you an idea of how important it is to repair compressed air leaks, the chart below shows what the typical air leak cost per year in wasted electrical power consumption. Compressed air is your most EXPENSIVE utility.

Leak/ Orifice Size

Amount of Lost Air Per Minute


Amount of Lost Air Over 1-Year/ 8,400-Hours of Operation


Compressor HP Required PER Leak


Annual Wasted Energy @ $0.10 per kWh

(Cost per leak)



816,480 cubic feet

2-HP Compressor




3,270,960 cubic feet

3-HP Compressor




13,104,000 cubic feet

7.5-HP Compressor




52,416,000 cubic feet

25-HP Compressor




117,936,000 cubic feet

50-HP Compressor


Above chart illustrates cost of compressed air wastage per year through leaks of various sizes.
Volumes are figured basis 100 PSIG air pressure.

At higher pressures a leak will pass MORE air

Power Cost Formula used by Detroit Edison

Kilowatts (kW) =       Motor Horsepower x .746

                                    Motor Efficiency x Power Factor


**kW x Hours per Year x Cost per kW = Cost per Year per Leak**


What will a ¼” air leak cost per Year?

                    25 (hp) x .746                         = 19.83 kW
.955 (Motor Eff. %) x 1.0 Power Factor

19.83 kW x 8,400 (hrs. /yr.) x $0.10 (cost per kW) = $16,657.00


25 air compressor horsepower operating 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for 50-weeks per year
will use $16,657.00 in electrical power consumption per year to overcome a ¼” air leak!!

Multiply this cost by the number of air leaks that you have!!

Fix your compressed air leaks and the cost savings on the bottom line of your business can be astounding!!

Still not convinced of the money you can save repairing air leaks?
Do a Google search on Compressed Air Leaks