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The APEX Tool Group includes Cleco, Cooper, and Dotco. APEX tools are ergonomic, durable, and high performance assembly tools. Air Center, Inc. is an APEX (Cleco, Cooper, Dotco, Master Power Industrial) distributer serving Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana.


Cleco Tools from Air Center, Inc.
Pneumatic and DC Electric Nutrunners and Screwdrivers, Impacts, Drills and Grinders
Assembly Tools


Cooper Tools

Originally an independant brand, Cooper became a part of the Master Power Industrial brand which is now owned by APEX.


Dotco Tools from Air Center, Inc.

Pneumatic Grinders & Drills

Master Power Industrial

Master Power Industrial Assembly Tools

As always, performance, innovative design, ergonomics, & meticulous quality control continues to contribte to the Master Power reputation for superbly crafted, durable air tools.

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